Understand and Cure Diabetes Type 1 & 2

These days, with the technology, advanced that much, you may think that someone has already found a cure for diabetes by now. The reality is that there is no cure for diabetes at this point. There is a couple of ways in which you can delay its advance or to stop its symptoms. In this respect, it is advised to avoid those diabetes drugs and medications which say to cure the disease completely.


Before I mention a couple of methods through which you can prevent or even treat diabetes, I want to make sure you know the difference between the two types of diabetes. Types of diabetes:


Diabetes type 1


Diabetes type 1 is also called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile onset diabetes since it is mostly encountered and diagnosed among young children. It appears when the body’s immune system destroys pancreatic beta cells, the cells that make the human insulin, which regulates blood glucose. In order to survive, people suffering from diabetes type 1 must have insulin delivered by injection or a pump on a daily basis. It is worth mentioning the fact that risk factors for type 1 diabetics may be autoimmune, genetic, or even environmental. There are no ways to cure diabetes type 1 so far, and there is no known way to prevent this illness.


Diabetes type 2


Compared to type 1, diabetes type 2 is also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or adult-onset diabetes. In this case, diabetes begins as insulin resistance, a disorder in which the cells do not use insulin, as they should. In the same time, the second type of diabetes is associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, physical inactivity, as well as race/ethnicity. In the case of this type, there is actually a cure for diabetes.


Now, in what concerns the treatment, it is worth mentioning the fact that first, if you want a well-designed treatment for diabetes, you need to consult a health care specialist. The aim of diabetes treatment is to keep the blood glucose levels as near to normal as possible and, after running a blood test, the specialist will know what treatment is suitable for your needs.


The most important part in finding a cure for diabetes is the self-management. Treatments should be established based on each person, each type of diabetes, and each level of disease. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor before starting to cure diabetes on your own. Alternatively, a balanced diet will definitely help you prevent diabetes type 2. In this respect, you need to stop eating all refined sugars. The consumption of sugar is the main reason to more than 130,000 cases of diabetes.


In the same time, along with a balanced diabetes diet, people should start doing a little bit of exercises each day. Simply by walking 30 minutes per day, will help you prevent diabetes. This is exactly what a normal body needs in order to work perfectly.


If you want to find out how to cure diabetes type 1, find out that there is no such thing as home remedies or cures. For that, consult a specialist in order to analyze the level of glucose and tell you what you need to take and do.


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